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Apple Launch Shifted to March 21


Apple Launch Shifted to March 21

While it appears uncertain at this stage whether Apple has actually "shifted" its initial launch date, or if early reports were simply wrong, you can cross March 15 off the calendar and highlight March 21st instead, as it appears we won't be seeing the new iPhone and iPad Pro til then.


However, one must question the "coincidence" of the new date being the day before Apple go head to head with the FBI in the San Bernadino case. For those not tapped into mainstream media, Facebook etc, the FBI want Apple to build them a back door to allow them access to users' phone data. Sure, it's "just for this case" now, but down the track who knows, hence Apple's understandable reluctance.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken a tough stance against the order, seeing it as an attack of the privacy of every iPhone user, last week going to far as to say the request would force “software equivalent of cancer”.

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