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Apple to Extend iPhone Product Cycle to 3 Yearly


Apple to Extend iPhone Product Cycle to 3 Yearly

A report from the Nikkei Asian Review has recently speculated that Apple will move away from their current model of releasing a fully updated handset every 2 years (with minor tweaks in the years between being released as an ‘S’ version) and instead start producing new handsets on a 3-year rotation.


If true, the move wouldn’t be that surprising given Apple’s declining sales and the fact that we have essentially hit saturation point in the smartphone market. But it does beg the question: will Apple be able to keep up with their competitors on such a long development phase?


The Nikkei also speculates that part of the driving force behind this change, is that smartphones have hit a point where there is little more development that can be done, ie not really much more innovation to happen. We couldn’t disagree more with this. While the innovative pace has definitely slowed, there is still much growth to occur, particularly in terms of integration into other tools and technologies.


In line with this announcement, the Nikkei reports that this year’s iPhone release will just be another upgrade, basically the same form as the 6s with a few extra goodies, and that we won’t see a major update now until 2017. Guess we will have to wait for a formal announcement!

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