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iOS 9.3.1 Bug – Patched But is QC Slipping at Apple HC?


iOS 9.3.1 Bug – Patched But is QC Slipping at Apple HC?

It’s inevitable that as a system becomes more complex, it will become harder to keep it bug free. But Apple have traditionally been pretty firmly on the ball when it comes to bugs, security etc and patching things on the rare occasion they do stuff up.


However, the increasing prevalence of videos like this one, unearthing bugs and security vulnerabilities of which there have been many in 9.3.1, is slightly concerning. In this case it was an odd quirk that under very specific (but easy to replicate) circumstances allowed access to contacts and photos without requiring a password/fingerprint scan. Apple have patched the bug as of Tuesday without deploying an iOS update, however the user that posted the original video has a number of similar videos highlighting other security vulnerabilities (mainly via Siri; enough that he has called for Apple to launch a “bug bounty” program that would pay hackers to find quirks like these before they become widespread issues.


Personally, we think that is the sort of ploy more appropriate to open source platforms like Android. For a product that attracts as premium a price as an iPhone, these sorts of bugs shouldn’t be hitting live users to begin with. Or are we being too harsh on Apple? Thoughts?

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