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Adonit Stylus compared


Adonit Stylus compared

Adonit styluses have been voted as one of the best stylus made for iPad, but it's often confusing to distinguish the different features of each design. So we hope this guide will clearly point out the key features and benefit of each design to help you make the right decision. 


Adonit Jot Classic: Entry level 

- Precision disc for writing, the disc is fixed onto the body and can not be replaced. The disc do not need to be replaced if care is taken, but because the disc are made of plastic, it will wear over time if you are not careful. 

- Aluminium metallic body with twist on cap 

Adonit Jot Pro: 

- Second generation precision disc with dampening. The dampening effect limits the noise on contact between the stylus and your iPad. Disc can be replaced when required (sold separately)

- Aluminium finish with a weighted body, the extra weight gives the stylus a more natural feel, mimicking the same effect of a fancy ball pen. I suspect the weight comes from the built in magnet, which is handy to keep your stylus clinked onto the iPad for safe keeping. 

- Extra grip where you hold the stylus have been added to give you more control. 


Adonit Jot Flip 

- Includes all the essential features found in the Adonit Jot Pro, except the stylus can be used as a pen when it is "flipped" around

- Twist cap comes with clip so you can  secure it on to your shirt/pants or where ever you like to hang it. 

Choose the flip if the pen and paper writing feature comes in handy.

We have decided to exclude the Jot mini from this comparison guide because we feel that the product doesnt really fit a purpose apart from being "mini" version of the Adonit Classic (and nothing else).

Jot Touch is a completely different proposition to all other Adonit's, it is a bluetooth stylus that should be recognised as a stand alone product (compared with other bluetooth stylus).

We will post a comprehensive review of the Adonit Touch in a separate article.

As always, we hope you find this blog post useful - If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer :)  

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