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Mac OS X El Capitan Release


Mac OS X El Capitan Release

Mac OS X El Capitan builds upon the new features and functionality introduced with the release of OS X Yosemite last year.


One of the biggest new features is Split View, which allows you to have two applications running together side by side. Whilst most of us have probably figured out how to do this manually (LOL) it is definitely far more convenient to be able to have it built into the operating system and only a couple of clicks away.


Mission Control has also received an update to make it more streamlined and straightforward to manage your screen real estate, with a single swipe bringing all your windows together in a single layer with nothing hidden or stacked, making it much faster to find what you’re looking for too.


Spotlight can now be driven using natural language instead of just basic search strings, for example “Find emails from Matt”.


There have also been some changes under the hood of El Capitan to make it faster and more efficient, especially in rendering graphics.


There are a myriad of other small changes, but overall, El Capitan is essentially a beautiful and welcome refinement on last year’s Yosemite. Free for all Mac users, El Capitan can be downloaded here:


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