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Facebook App iPhone Battery-Drain-Strain


Facebook App iPhone Battery-Drain-Strain

Sure, your smartphone running out of juice before you run out of day may be a bit of a first world problem, but it’s a darn annoying one. And new iPhone users seem to have pinned down another little battery drain issue in the new 6S and 6S Plus, but it’s not likely to be the culprit you might initially guess (unless you read this blog headline lol).


Yes, it’s Facebook, and the Facebook Messenger app too. But so far no-one can actually seem to figure out exactly why.


The battery drain is coming down to mysterious “background activity”, which is happening despite having the background app refresh option switched off. In one test conducted by SMH writer Hannah Francis on a 6S Plus, 21 minutes of actual Facebook usage clocked up an additional 57 minutes of background activity at a cost of 10% of the battery life.


Conspiracy theories abound of course, with everything from “Facebook is recording you through your mic” to poorly designed background video autoplay. As always, time will tell.


Have you noticed this problem on your new 6S or 6S Plus?


Photo credit: Hannah Francis SMH

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