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Hybrid Power Case for iPhone 5S - Juice Up!


Hybrid Power Case for iPhone 5S - Juice Up!

The Hybrid Power Case for iPhone 5/5s (2200mAh), by Bootcase, is an innovative two-piece design. The design includes an ultra-slim snap case with a battery sleeve, which can be attached in a single click.


Bootcase’s Hybrid Power Case adds up to 150% more extra battery life – convenience at it’s best. When you’re in need, simply attach the case to your iPhone, and then detach it when you’re not.


Aside from the extra battery life, the Power Case is also very protective. Both the case and battery sleeve are built from a durable hard-shell material. As well, attractive LED lights, in green, orange or red, show you the remaining battery life.


The rechargeable 2200mAH battery sleeve easily attaches/detaches from the snap case using a controlled locking system. You’re also able to simultaneously charge your iPhone and Hybrid Battery.


The Hybrid Power Case is available in a variety of colours, including: black, red, blue and mint green.


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