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MacBook Air Case Reviews


MacBook Air Case Reviews

There are literally hundreds of different makes and design to ticklet everyones fancy, but difference MacBook Air Cases are suited for different needs.

Today we will be doing a quick review of types to help you better decide what is best to meet your needs.

Starting off, Speck MacBook Air SeeThru Range - 

These come in HardShell and Satin finish, the difference between the two is one comes in a glossy hard case finish and the other in a soft touch satin finish. There's debates about what's better and our internal sales stats tell a clear picture. Satin Touch cases by far are more popular compared to HardShell, a recent customer comment pointed out that hardcases may be difficult to remove and may also be scratched easily. 

Both cases offers complete access to all your ports and buttons, Speck is smart enough to design cases that will suit current and future models by having universal cuts where the button sits. This way, when Apple updates to the latest design, 99% certain it will fit. The latest July 2011 release prove the point exactly. Yes it fits.


Next we discuss Twelve South BookBook MacBook Air cases -

The BookBook range is a different beast, if your into the classical look and don't mind the over the top design - then this is for you. Well really, the name says it all. its a Book. Twelve South are pioneers when it comes to original design, they come up with the best products in the market that actually do serve a purpose. I can't really speak for the BookBook range of MacBook cases because it doesnt tickle my fancy, but i do admire the amount of details in each and one of these cases.

Last but not least, the Toffee MacBook Air Cases

Toffee made a name for themselves in Australia (our home town) by becoming a industry leading premium brand. Good on them for making it into the big boys leagues. Toffee case are made from the finest leather material and these MacBook Air sleeves are no exception. 

Ideally the cases will suit those who are looking for a simple cover to protect their investment from scratches. But you don't want anything "covering" your MacBook when in use. Perfect for the business users out there. 

To finish off: There is absolutely no comparison on the quality of the finish to cheapy imports, precision cuts and quality of material makes all the difference. Why would you invest in thousands of dollars and have your shinny new MacBook air hide behind an a knock off cover? Those who buy branded products have high expectations and our customers are always satisfied.


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