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iOS9 Tips & Tricks – Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts


iOS9 Tips & Tricks – Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the tips coming through the blog in future may be a little more well known than others, yet some are quite obscure. Even we were surprised at a couple of the really simple ones we didn’t know when resesarching for this series of articles. We will start you off with some handy keyboard/typing shortcuts!


1) Use the volume buttons to take a photo

When in camera mode, we have all struggled with the issue of not being able to hit that on screen capture button quite right (whether it’s because of a sexy selfie pose or something as simple as wearing gloves lol). However, you can actually use either volume up or down button to capture the pic instead. So. Much. Easier.


2) Hold down the full stop key to get common web address suffixes (.com, .net, .edu etc)

Instead of having to manually type URL suffixes every time you go to a website, simply hold down your full stop key and a pop up menu will, well, pop up, with the most common extensions a mere tap away. ;)


3) Hold compose icon to get access to drafts in email

A lesser known one is that when using your email, you can tap and hold the “compose” icon on the bottom right of the screen, and it will bring up a list of all your draft emails, saving you going the long way through the menu system.


More tips to come in future blogs gang!! Let us know if you want details on anything specific.

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