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Our Fave Five from Apple’s WWDC 2016


Our Fave Five from Apple’s WWDC 2016

1. Goodbye OS X, hello macOS

Bringing the nomenclature for their operating systems in line across all devices, the Mac operating system is moving away from the traditional OS X naming to macOS, with the first public beta-edition, Sierra, launching in July. The new OS will focus on integration of Apple devices, allowing them to work together more seamlessly. For example, Universal Clipboard will provide the ability to copy to a clipboard that can be used across multiple devices, allowing ready transfer of information between an iPad/Macbook/iPad etc, without necessitating cloud transfer.


2. Siri integration

Continuing the theme of all-in-one integration, Siri is being introduced to macOS, allowing you to use voice commands to find files, search the web, send messages, and other standard Siri functions.

In addition, an SDK is being released for Siri, which will allow devs to do so much more with our cheeky-mouthed friend. This means you’ll be able to do things like ask Siri to send a message through WeChat, ask her to call an Uber, search for photos on Pinterest and start and stop your workout apps all with voice command. Cool.


3. iMessage revamp

iMessage is being updated to include bigger emoji and key-word emoji suggestions too. There will be more animated effects like balloons, confetti and strobe lights, and a new one we really like is Invisible Ink, which allows users to send a message that will still show up as a preview on the receiver’s lock screen, but the detail of the message is blurred until the phone is unlocked – great for messages of a, hm, “personal” nature lol. Devs are also going to get access to iMessages to make sticker apps and the like.


4. watchOS update

watchOS is getting a revamp, with the biggest feature being a major increase in speed, loading apps 7-times faster than the previous rendition. Features more akin to iPhone navigation will be included, with an updated Control Centre and additional swipe shortcuts. The ability to respond to messages directly on the watch is also on the way by writing your response on the screen with a finger, letter by letter. Slow, but a step forward for wearables. A new SOS feature will also be added, which activates when the side button is held down. So long as the watch is tethered to an iPhone or connected to Wi-Fi, not only will it will call your country-specific emergency number (911, 000 etc), but it can share your medical ID, which displays key info like age, existing medical conditions or allergies etc.



Whilst a lot of the functionality being introduced with the most recently announced OS changes across the Apple suite is a copycat of features included on other platforms, like Android and Facebook, we are still pretty keen to see where OS is heading in the future. The key message from Apple is “integration, integration, integration”. We like. :)

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