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Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo – The Best of Both Worlds


Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo – The Best of Both Worlds

Well I have to say that this is a combo I’ve been wanting for a long time. I absolutely ADORE my current stylus, the Adonit Jot Pro. But my one and only bug bear is that moment in lectures at uni when I have to go digging through my backpack to find a pen to sign the attendance register; or the lab log; or take a few key notes in my paper laboratory manual (electronic devices are not allowed in my PC2 level labs). I can do almost anything and everything on my iPad these days but aggravatingly the rest of the world is not quite yet fully digital and accordingly I still need to carry a pen.


Well, the Bamboo Stylus Duo solves this problem by making a 2-in-1 stylus that has a pen at one and a capacitative screen stylus at the other. Impressively, Wacom have managed to keep the balance really nicely in check. It would be easy to end up with a really light pen end and an OTT heavy stylus end but the Bamboo Duo has the balance down pat. It also has a cap to cover whichever end isn’t in use which seems to further assist the balance. In addition, the pen takes standard ink refills so it won’t cost you the earth when it’s time to top up.


The stylus tip is the same as the Bamboo Solo (see review here) but now has the option of a firm nib which we’ve not yet had the opportunity to test. I would be keen to see this as the soft squishiness of the solo was one of the things that I really disliked and perhaps the firm nib would help address this.


All in all the convenience of having a pen and stylus in one tends to overweigh some of the less attractive aspects like the usability of the soft nib. I am still yet to see something that will make me give up my Adonit Jot Pro, but let’s face facts – I’m an AJP addict so it would take something pretty special (like an AJP with a pen at the other end hehe) to make me give it up. All in all, this is a great all round, multi-purpose stylus and those that need flexibility will love it.

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