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Get your own Adonit Flip Fine Point Stylus!


Get your own Adonit Flip Fine Point Stylus!

The Flip Fine Point Stylus is as sharp as your ideas. This Adonit creation combines the use of both a highly functional, ballpoint pen, with an accurate and precise stylus.


For an impeccable stylus, there is an added precision disk. This thin and clear addition provides you with the efficiency you’re striving for in such pen. A dampening tip also mimics the natural movement of pen on paper, making your strokes significantly quieter. As well, there is an added mobile clip for added convenience; you can attach it to your products case with ease.


With the simple twist of the barrel, fine-tipped pen is revealed. Its ink cartridges can easily and conveniently be refilled.


Check out the two in one stylus and pen today! 

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