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Apple Maps Finally Has a Use


Apple Maps Finally Has a Use

OK, so clearly we have a bit of an attitude about Maps lol.


But its lack of development given its early launch with iOS6 has been ongoing and spectacular. The early version directed people into lakes and concrete walls and was plagued with bugs. A little work later and it became a (just) usable map app, but was far outshadowed by the growing might of Google Maps and the integration of services that later came with it.


However, now that iOS 10 will finally allow you to uninstall the damn thing, Apple have introduced a feature to Maps that is actually useful – automatic geotagging of where you leave your car parked.


Essentially, any time you end a journey at a destination other than home, Maps will automatically pop a pin in your location, which will later provide automatic directions back to its location and/or allow you to pinpoint it more accurately. A parked car option will accordingly pop up on the Apple Maps lock screen widget for quick access (if enabled).


Above and beyond this small but handy feature however, it sounds a bit like “more of what the other guys are doing”. For example, Apple will introduce the ability for third-party apps to add functionality via extensions, allowing users to search for restaurants, book a reservation, request a car, and pay for the car without the need to open another app. The upcoming Siri SDK could make this a little more interesting, but we are almost there with Google Maps as it is so might be a little late from the starting gate for this one.


A public beta will launch in July, and the software update will be made available for free once it is finalized this fall.

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