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Court Overturns Apple’s $120M Patent Victory Over Samsung


Court Overturns Apple’s $120M Patent Victory Over Samsung

The stoush between Apple and Samsung continues, as the two tech giants persist in their battle over who is the biggest kid in the sandpit.


The original decision handed down by a jury in May of 2014 found that both companies had infringed on each others’ patents, however Samsung was still ordered to pay US$119.6 million in damages for the violation of 3 of Apple’s patents.


However, Friday has seen that decision overturned by the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC. The specific patents related to data detectors, “slide to unlock” and autocorrect. The data detectors patent alone represents US$98 million of the damages Samsung were originally ordered to pay to Apple.


The ongoing dispute is one of many lawsuits still being fought out between the two rivals, with Samsung paying US$548 million last year for a totally separate set of patent infringements.

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