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Check out the CandyShell Card case for the iPhone 6!


Check out the CandyShell Card case for the iPhone 6!

The CandyShell Card case, produced by Speck for the iPhone 6, is designed to be a user friendly, convenient and well structured case that ticks all of the boxes.

While wearing the stylish Candyshell Card case, you are able to securely transport as many as three cards or notes inside the patented slot that Speck case features, meaning your debit, credit, drivers licence, I.D or money are easily, and safely accessible.

The Speck design takes protection to extreme measures when it comes to drops: it’s certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. Not only that, but the Candyshell Card case is also lab tested for its durability against cracks, scratches and rough temperatures.

Finally, the Candyshell Card case exhibits a multi-layer construction, with a patented hard shell and soft layer, which creates a beautifully slender profile.

Why not check out the Speck Candyshell Card case today?

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