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Do We Have ANOTHER “-Gate” on the way?


Do We Have ANOTHER “-Gate” on the way?

We Dub Thee ChargerGate lol And oh how we the public love our “-gate” scandals.


This one is blowing up over Apple’s recent international recall of 13 years worth of AC chargers sold with a variety of Apple products (see yesterday’s blog: Whilst most of us know that mass recalls from big companies like Apple are not actually all that uncommon (Microsoft Surface Pro just last week anyone?) the reason this one is becoming gate-worthy is because documentation is coming to light that indicates Apple may have been aware of this problem for far longer than they’re letting on.


Apple has officially acknowledged 12 “incidents” worldwide relating to the recall, however the Sydney Morning Herald reports that court documents indicate “incidents” surfaced as early as 2006, yet we are only seeing a recall of chargers now, 10 years later. Both the official reports, and those flooding in on social media (as they are wont to do when anything Apple hits the interwebz), indicate everything from electrical shocks and small explosions to house fires however, and impetus only seems to be growing.


Whilst we don’t disagree that safety issues like this should be treated very, very seriously, we would honestly like to try an experiment, where a fake recall of an Apple (or similarly both loved and despised company) product was issued, just to see how many “incidents” flooded the world of social media and online news… ;)

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