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Apple to Introduce Dual-Lens Camera?


Apple to Introduce Dual-Lens Camera?

Amidst claims of an iPhone SE “find” at a market in China, just days ahead of Apple’s official launch on March 21st, rumours are already starting about the iPhone 7 launch expected in late September. Whilst we won’t dally on the topic of the supposed SE handset “found” in an unusual shade of rose gold (coz in case you haven’t guessed already by our over-the-top sarcastic tone, we think it’s a total fake lol), the rumours about the iPhone 7 interest us more, as they centre around a dual-lens camera component.


A photo leaked to oft accurate rumour-mongers of all things Apple, MacRumours, shows a new dual-lens camera design, an idea also supported by a separate rumour and photo leak showing a dual-lens part labelled “821”, a part number used on cameras by Apple before. No-one appears to be certain if the dual-lens camera would be available across all models or just the top end, but it would potentially offer a welcome upgrade to Apple’s camera offering, one that has lagged behind Samsung somewhat in recent years.


MacRumours thinks Apple could ship three versions of its flagship iPhone 7: the 4.7-inch iPhone 7; a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus; and a premium iPhone 7 Plus featuring the dual camera.


We guess time will tell.

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