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Hydrogen powered iPhones?


Hydrogen powered iPhones?

Any smart phone user will tell you, the most common aggravation with having a smart phone, especially for heavy users, is keeping the little power-guzzlers charged. A myriad of products have been brought to market to combat this problem, from battery banks to solar chargers, but at the end of the day, we still remain firmly attached to our AC power sockets for a full dose of juice every night.


However, British company Intelligent Energy have been working on a prototype hydrogen fuel cell that may signal the end of being tied to a power socket – ever again. And they have managed to make it so small, that it can fit inside an existing iPhone 6 housing, and keep the phone charged for up to a week. The current prototype uses hydrogen gas, refuelled through a modified headphone jack, but the company hopes to develop a disposable cartridge containing enough hydrogen-generating powder to power the phone for a week, after which the cartridge is simply exchanged out for a new one.


What do you think? Would you switch to a disposable cartridge system if you never had to plug your smart phone in again? Tell us your thoughts!

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