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iOS 9.3 – Key Features


iOS 9.3 – Key Features

So iOS 9.3 is here, and there are a few key changes that we think are worth noting. Given that it’s not a major upgrade (up from iOS 9.2) it’s pleasing to see new features being introduced, not just refinements on old ones.


1. Night Shift

Again, Apple has taken the hint from externally developed apps such as Flux, and incorporated the capacity to automatically adjust your iDevice’s display to colours that are easier on the eye (and your Circadian or sleep rhythms) of an evening, then set them back to normal colour display in the morning. Many devices, such as GPS, already do this, so we’re not really that surprised to see it finally integrated into iOS. And of course you can turn the feature off in settings if you like your display to stay the way it is thank you very much. ;)


2. Password protection for Notes

iOS 9.0 saw the introduction of a number of features to Notes, such as ability to incorporate pictures and other media. As the nature of the material one can store in Notes becomes more sensitive, it is again, only smart to be able to password protect such data. iOS 9.3 introduces that functionality (password or fingerprint scan) as well as the ability to sort entries by date created, date modified or alphabetically.


3. Multi-user support for educational institutions

We wrote about this awesome feature back in January here: Essentially iPads can now be set up to have multiple users in a school environment. We’re not quite there for a home/family environment yet however, and hope to see this eventuate in future iterations, given the number of families that share an iPad in particular these days.


4. Apple CarPlay Updates

Whilst there aren’t actually many (any?) cars on the market that incorporate Apple CarPlay yet, there are plenty coming in 2016 and 2017, and Apple are making tweaks to the system to make it smoother before it’s even being used. For example, iOS 9.3 will introduce song, artist and album suggestion based on your preferences.

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