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iOS10 Beta – Uninstall Your Crapple


iOS10 Beta – Uninstall Your Crapple

All iOS users have one. That folder stashed in the very last page of their phone called “Apple Junk”, “Stuff” or for the more creative “Crapple”. The one that houses all the inbuilt Apple apps that you never use but can’t delete. Well guess what? With iOS10 beta, now you can!


Well, most of them anyway. There is a small list of apps that appear to be too deeply embedded in the iOS to be uninstalled, but the most common culprits like Stocks, Compass and Maps and now readily deletable and can be re-downloaded at will from the app store. The list includes a whopping 23 Apple-provided apps and can be viewed here.


In total, you’re only up for a saving of about 150MB in space, not a huge amount, but the joy of finally being able to delete your “Crapple” folder will conquer all!

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