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iOS 9 Tips & Tricks – New Back Button Navigation


iOS 9 Tips & Tricks – New Back Button Navigation

If you have an iPhone, the chances of you having experienced that annoying issue of inter-app navigation are high. You know the one we mean. When you click a link in Safari for example, that then opens in YouTube, requiring a “double-tap home key/swipe right/tap” combination that you have probably hard coded into your muscle memory by now, just to get back to the original Safari page.


Well, this issue has finally been addressed in iOS9 with the introduction of a new “back to” button being added when the above scenario unfolds.


The “back to” option will be displayed in place of the signal meters on the top left of the screen whenever you are auto-directed to a new app. It will remain in place until you navigate away from the app or tap it. Whilst limited in scope at this stage, only going one layer back to the most recent app, it is a welcome respite from the old way of doing things. Though for some of us it might take a while to let that muscle memory go…!



PS to iPhone 6S/6S Plus users – don’t forget you can now do this with a firm press to the left of your screen then drag to right using the new 3D Touch display!


Pic credit: Apple Insider

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