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Is iOS9 chewing your data allowance?


Is iOS9 chewing your data allowance?

Some of us are heavier users of our mobile data allowance than others, but if you have recently upgraded to iOS9 and noticed a sudden surge in mobile data usage, a new feature called “Wi-Fi Assist” may very well be the culprit.


The concept itself is actually not a bad one. If you are in a flaky Wi-Fi zone, or perhaps working in the garden listening to music at the edge of your Wi-Fi reception, for example, Wi-Fi Assist will automatically switch your phone onto 4G to ensure you don’t lose service. It’s a great tool for those of us who have plenty of mobile/cellular data allowance and want a seamless experience. If, however, you are on a low allowance plan or have patchy Wi-Fi, it could result in some pretty rude bill shock in the coming months.


Fortunately, like most of the little ‘aids’ in iOS, the Wi-Fi Assist feature can be easily switched off as follows:

Settings > Mobile Data (Aus) or Cellular (US/UK) > Wi-Fi Assist (below app settings) > toggle off



Pic: TekRevue

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