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iPhone 6s Plus Launch Rumours


iPhone 6s Plus Launch Rumours

September is here, and as usual, rumours abound regarding Apple’s annual product launch. With official Apple confirmation of an event taking place on the 9th of September, the hubbub is now reaching fever pitch, with rumours of not only a new iPhone, but a new Apple TV and updated iPad too. Whilst we here at GB know better than to speculate on new iPhone features, there are some especially persistent rumours about the iPhone6s Plus this year that we thought we would condense and share for you.


1. Force Touch Display

Similar to Force Trackpad on the current Macbook and Force Touch in Apple’s smart watch, the new edition of the Plus model will include an adapted version of Force Touch that can distinguish between a tap and a press, allowing incorporation of additional gesture based shortcuts and menus. Rarely a bad thing.


2. A9 Processor with 2GB RAM

With 20% more power than its A8 predecessor the processor will also be supported by a doubling in RAM from 1GB to 2GB, offering better multitasking capability. However, with Samsung releasing an octa-core chip (yes, you read that right!) in its new Galaxy series phones, will a dual-core chip be able to keep up with the competition?


3. Camera upgrade to 12Mp

Camera upgrades are always welcome – ‘nuff said. It is also rumoured however, that Apple will be adding a rear facing microphone for better quality audio in videos. We’re particularly doubtful about this one as Apple is rarely up for unnecessary duplication, but we will have to wait and see.


4. There will be a new colour – rose gold!

Check out the knock up “leaked” earlier this year with a matching Apple Watch (above).



Whilst these are just rumours, would you welcome these changes if the rumours were true? Or should Apple be focussing its efforts on more impressive features?

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