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So, many of the rumours we have been hearing and reporting on the blog are getting more backing it seems, with additional reports that the 3.5mm jack is going in favour of the Lightning port (or Bluetooth connection). Further to that, the same source (spilling to Fast Company) indicated that othe... Read More
January 11, 2016
As we previously reported back in early December (, Samsung once more had their appeals denied in their ongoing patent dispute with Apple, and were ordered to cough up $548 million bux (approximately half of what Apple were originally after).   Both companies have been fight... Read More
January 08, 2016
Apple announced in mid-December an agreement with Chinese bankcard processor UnionPay, to provide Apple Pay services in China, starting early 2016. The Chinese bankcard network, which operates the nation's inter-bank clearing and settlement system, has issued 5 billion UnionPay Cards that can be ... Read More
January 08, 2016
Some of the tips coming through the blog in future may be a little more well known than others, yet some are quite obscure. Even we were surprised at a couple of the really simple ones we didn’t know when resesarching for this series of articles. We will start you off with some handy keyboa... Read More
January 05, 2016
We’ve all seen it before, a million times over. Sensationalist news reports of kids racking up massive bills on iTunes and their parents subsequently sticking it to Apple to refund the bill. But in this modern era of all things online, where do we draw the line between corporate responsibil... Read More
January 03, 2016
As most of you will already have noticed, Apple added a bunch of new Emojis to the stable with the upgrade to iOS9. What many of you WON’T have noticed however, is that if you press and hold several of the hand or face Emojis, they will pop up with options for different skin colours!  ... Read More
December 22, 2015
Otterbox has been a market leader in tough cases for years, but haven’t always been known for their style. Taking the approach of functionality over form, they have been delivering some of the highest level drop/water/dust protection on the market for an awfully long time, they just haven&r... Read More
December 21, 2015
A patent filed by Apple – “Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture” – hints that this could indeed be the case. “Many electronic devices are susceptible to water damage because they are not fully sealed and include various openings for charging, con... Read More
December 16, 2015
Apparently. Just like the iPhone 6 was supposed to do lol.   This time however, the rumours seem to be a little more serious, with both 9to5Mac and Macotakara reporting similar buzz.   Whilst 3.5mm headphone jacks have been the standard for longer than most people can remember now, ... Read More
December 16, 2015
Those holding their breath for the long awaited Apple live TV service were dealt a blow last Wednesday, with Bloomberg reporting that the project has, once again, been put on hold.   Rumoured to launch as an integral part of Apple’s latest Apple TV streaming box, the suspension of th... Read More
December 14, 2015

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