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Apple gets $119.6M 'slide-to-unlock' verdict reinstated against Samsung


Apple gets $119.6M 'slide-to-unlock' verdict reinstated against Samsung

The litigation between Apple and Samsung continues, with Apple winning a vote 8-3 at a US federal appeals court on Friday, successfully reinstating a verdict worth $119.6 million for patent violations, including the “slide-to-unlock” concept, autocorrect technology and phone number detection.


There’s little point in going into much detail at this stage as the case has been going on so long and had so many twists and turns that it has really just turned into a storm of “he said, she said”. We think we will just keep sitting on the sidelines watching the ball go back and forth at this stage. ;)


In addition to this case, an even larger one is due to go before the courts again on October 11, hopefully resolving a case that has been ongoing since 2011. Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $548 million in damages on this case, however this amount was based on Apple being awarded 100% of the profits from the infringing handsets. Samsung is appealing this saying that Apple should only receive a percentage of the profits, given that some of Samsung’s patents were used in the handset design as well. If the court is sympathetic to Samsung, the amount owed could drop substantially.

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