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Galaxy Note 5: Powerful but Pricey


Galaxy Note 5: Powerful but Pricey

Fresh from the factory floor this month is the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung’s most recent upgrade on the Note series. But while the latest update to the Note range is a beautiful phone, sporting a powerful camera, Samsung’s usual beautiful screen and a killer battery life, there are some disappointments too.


Whilst the Note 5 does improve a little on its predecessor, it has also gone backwards in some senses as the new unit has a sealed in battery, similar to the iPhone, and there is no longer an expandable memory slot. Whilst it does come with cloud storage to compensate for this missing feature, many people, especially in Australia where cloud computing is throttled by poor wireless internet speeds, won’t appreciate the shift away from a simple plug-in card.


Given that the specs are almost identical to its big brother the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the price point is not dissimilar either, the Note 5 needs something that makes it stand out. Samsung have attempted to achieve this via the retention and further development of the S Stylus and accompanying S Note app. The app now includes a wider range of customisation and convenient features like writing directly to a locked phone screen and auto-save.


Time will tell however, if this is going to be enough to stop the Note 5 being knocked out of the market by lower price point offerings with similar features from other brands.

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