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The Perfect Home Office


The Perfect Home Office

So, you’ve bought yourself a desk, chair, and maybe even a fancy lamp; but what’s next? We've written this article to put forth the products that we would consider essential in our own home office. We’ve also added some products that, depending on your interests/hobbies/career etc., you might find useful.




Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise Cancelling Headphones


What is it? The Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones use proprietary active noise-cancelling technology to provide a pleasant listening environment to users stuck in loud and distracting areas, by delivering noise cancellation of up to an incredible 95%.


Why is it essential? Lets face it; not all home offices are picture perfect, or in this case, pitch perfect. Whether it’s: the kids creating havoc, the repetitive and increasingly aggravating clicks of your keyboard, or the “ding” of your partner’s smartphone, every five seconds, quite literally. The Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones will remove you from the chaos, and form a tranquil retreat in which concentration is forever present, and distractions are a dismal past.


Pick up your very own pair of Audio Technica headphones here!


LMP Wireless Bluetooth Numerica keypad for MacBook


What is it? The LMP Wireless Bluetooth Numerica Keypad for MacBook is for easy and fast working, with: figures, tables, calculations, spread sheets, etc.


Why is it essential? The LMP Numerica Keypad is extremely useful for those whose career involves a significant use of numbers. Accountants, architects, builders, students... whatever it may be. Even still, the numeric keypad is incredibly practical for simple, everyday tasks.


What to learn more? Click here!


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7" Keyboard Dock


What is it? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 7” Keyboard Dock is a detachable keyboard that allows for convenient typing while using your tablet. The Dock increases productivity and maximises the use of your tablet, and as well, also provides shortcut access to key features.


Why is it essential? There’s nothing more annoying then having to flip your tablet whenever you need to type. Your fingers are too stubby to click the wanted key, and your “I’s” are consistently turning into  “U’s”. Connecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Keyboard Dock will save you a world of time. It allows you to open selected apps, turn your tablet on/off, can alter brightness level and can even open up the Internet!


Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 7” Keyboard Dock here!

Got an iPad, not a Samsung Tablet? We’ve got you covered! Click here for a similar product for the iPad.


Twelve South HiRise for iMac


What is it? The Twelve South HiRise for the iMac is an elegant stand designed to lift your Apple computer or display at your perfect viewing height, for a more complacent and ergonomic experience. Looks wise, the Twelve South HiRise is of a sophisticated and sleek design. It’s a beautiful creation that honestly adds class to any workspace.


Why is it essential? The HiRise allows you to alter the viewing height of your iMac to suite you. Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, your display screen will always sit just right. This is great for people who like adjustability, as well as the ability to customise, or personalise.


What to see more? Just click here!

Want the HiRise for your iPhone or iPad Mini? More info here!


Twelve South PlugBug Power adapter for MacBook, iPad and iPhone.


What is it? The Twelve South PlugBug is a power adapter for the Apple MacBook, iPad and iPhone. With the PlugBug, you are able to simultaneously charge these devices virtually anywhere in the world.


Why is it essential? These days, technology is fundamental part of daily life. Through using the PlugBug, you’re able to charge two of your foremost used products at the same time. This adds a world of convenience, particularly as it saves you a great deal of time. And as the saying goes, “time is money”.


You can check out the Twelve South PlugBug here!




ClearGuard FS - iMac Keyboard Protector


What is it? The ClearGuard FS iMac Keyboard Protector is 100% form fitted to the Apple Keyboard keys, allowing for unparalleled tactile response. The Protector is completely washable and reusable, and measures a thickness of only 0.1 millimetres thin. It’s made from non-toxic, durable thermoplastic urethane.


You can find out more about the The ClearGuard FS iMac Keyboard Protector here!


Spark Digital Microphone for iPad, Mac and Windows


What is it? The Spark Digital Microphone is the world’s first audio condenser microphone to offer both USB and iPad connectivity. It offers the same studio-grade condenser capsule and hand-tuned components for high fidelity and consistence performance. This makes the Spark Digital Microphone great for recording vocals, drums, piano, speech, and more. It’s compatible with GarageBand, as well as other applications, and includes an LED meter, which provides visual feedback.


Click here to learn more.


Techlink KeepIT Clean MacBook Cleaning Kit


What is it? The Techlink KeepIT Clean MacBook Cleaning Kit comes with an anti-bacterial cleaning spray and cloth. This powerful duo allows you to clean away dust, dirt and grime with ease, as well as keeping these surfaces cleaner for longer. The KeepIT Clean Kit is safe for everyday use – simply spray on the anti-static formula, wipe the residue off with the non-scratch, anti-bacterial cloth and your Apple surfaces will be spick and spam.


Keep you surfaces clean – pick up your Cleaning Kit here!



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