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Make Your Own Ringtones in iTunes


Make Your Own Ringtones in iTunes

We hate paying for ringtones. When you’ve already paid for access to a song that you like enough to actually make it a ringtone, having to pay for it again in a clipped down 30 second version really rankles. There are plenty of “how-to” pages out there, but they are laden with annoying ads and click-per-step formats. So we thought we would pop together a simple, rubbish free step by step for y’all. ;)


1. Open Itunes. ;)

2. Locate the song you want, listen to it and determine at exactly which time you would like the ring tone to start.

(Note that you may only use up to 30 seconds of song for a ringtone, otherwise it won’t work.)

3. Right click the song, select Get Info and then click the Options tab.

4. Enter the Start and Stop times for the 30 seconds of song you want to play as a ring tone and click OK.

5. Right click the song again, select Create AAC Version. You will now see a duplicate track in your song list that is only 30 seconds in duration.

6. Right click the ORIGINAL song, select Get Info and click Options, then untick the Start and Stop times so it reverts to playing normally.

7. Right click on the NEW 30 second song, and select Show in Windows Explorer. It will appear highlighted.

8. Change the file extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r”.

9. Double click the file to add it to iTunes. Synch your phone and you should now be able to access the clipped song as a ringtone. Voila!


Any troubles just post in the comments and we will try to help you troubleshoot! :)

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