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Recharge Abroad with the Twelve South PlugBug.


Recharge Abroad with the Twelve South PlugBug.

The Twelve South PlugBug is a power adapter for the Apple MacBook and iPad.


The PlugBug allows you to simultaneously charge two Apple devices at once, virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you’re travelling to Australia, the UK or Continental Europe, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, China, or Japan, as well as many other destinations, you’ll conveniently be able to charge your products.


You’re able to use the PlugBug to charge your MacBook, iPhone or iPad during your adventures, through a country via one of the five different snap-on plugs that convert your MacBook and iPhone or iPad chargers into an international power supply.


The PlugBug is extremely easy to transport. It’ll fit into any carry bag, and can even be used as a stand-alone wall charger too.


Check out the Twelve South PlugBug today.

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