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OK, so clearly we have a bit of an attitude about Maps lol.   But its lack of development given its early launch with iOS6 has been ongoing and spectacular. The early version directed people into lakes and concrete walls and was plagued with bugs. A little work later and it became a (just)... Read More
24 June 2016
1. Goodbye OS X, hello macOS Bringing the nomenclature for their operating systems in line across all devices, the Mac operating system is moving away from the traditional OS X naming to macOS, with the first public beta-edition, Sierra, launching in July. The new OS will focus on integration of... Read More
22 June 2016
Apple marketing head, Phil Schiller, revealed plans on Wednesday to shift to a new revenue sharing model, favouring subscription based services over one-time/in-app purchases.   The company currently commands a 30% cut of any sales through its app store. However, from June 13 – today... Read More
14 June 2016
All iOS users have one. That folder stashed in the very last page of their phone called “Apple Junk”, “Stuff” or for the more creative “Crapple”. The one that houses all the inbuilt Apple apps that you never use but can’t delete. Well guess what? With iOS... Read More
14 June 2016
Mark your calendars; Samsung has announced a product launch event in New York on the 2nd of June at 5pm (ET). Sadly, it’s not an “unpacked” event so it won’t be live-streamed meaning you will have to wait for the blogging world to go nuts to get the low down. Accordingly, ... Read More
05 June 2016
It would appear that Samsung are not content merely with developing the world’s highest capacity microSD card after last month’s launch of the EVO Plus 256GB microSD; now they want to smash new records with the world’s tiniest solid state drive. Weighing less than a paper clip a... Read More
01 June 2016
Draft legislation backed by Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Fenstein, the Republican and Democratic heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which could potentially force corporations like Apple to decrypt data on-demand, seems to have hit still waters. Sources claim that the bill doesn&rsquo... Read More
30 May 2016
Just hours after Samsung sent out the Bat Signal on Twitter yesterday (see pic), teasing an upcoming announcement with a Batman flavour, the announcement came that they have a new special edition collaboration in the works: the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition.   Whilst it’s not... Read More
27 May 2016
Apple are expanding their tech horizons quite significantly at the moment, with forays into automated cars and rumours of secret projects abounding. Now a report from The Information indicates that Apple are expanding into Home Automation, and they plan to utilise their PA Siri to do it.   ... Read More
26 May 2016
If you are lucky enough to own a new iPad Pro (9.7” model only) then beware iOS 9.3.2.   Reports began to surface early last week that the iOS 9.3.2 update was actually bricking some 9.7” models, displaying Error 56, a generic hardware fault code. It is unclear what caused the ... Read More
23 May 2016

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