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After the furore over the San Bernardino shooting iPhone and the DOJ’s attempts to have Apple build a back door into their iOS, it seems like the sum total of the whole fiasco to date is a whopping great… nothing.   Earlier this month, FBI lawyers refused to say whether any us... Read More
18 April 2016
The awesome people over at Gizmodo have put together this great little video (short and sweet) doing a 30 minute submersion test on a new Galaxy S7. They’ve also run some testing on the battery standby and camera focus which are pretty impressive as well. All in all, the S7 appears to be li... Read More
16 April 2016
So we know we have been blogging about this a lot lately, but we are pretty sure that this is the early stirrings of what is going to be a pretty big privacy storm in months to come.   After the FBI apparently “cracked” the iPhone 5c at the heart of the San Bernardino shooting ... Read More
14 April 2016
 Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, has revealed that the method the FBI used to unlock the iPhone in the high profile San Bernardino shooting case, will only work on select models. The handset they managed to crack was an iPhone 5c, but Comey says that the techniq... Read More
13 April 2016
Select models of the new 4” iPhone SE arrive today in the US, yet demand appears to already have outstripped potential supply, with most stores out of stock and new orders not shipping for a few weeks.   Despite the lukewarm reception of the new handset, and it being the S phase anno... Read More
12 April 2016
Memory. We never seem to have enough of it. And if you have an iPhone then you don’t even have the option to add expandable memory, not without stuffing around with adaptors etc anyway. But a Reddit user appears to have stumbled across a neat trick to make your iPhone automatically dump a b... Read More
08 April 2016
It’s inevitable that as a system becomes more complex, it will become harder to keep it bug free. But Apple have traditionally been pretty firmly on the ball when it comes to bugs, security etc and patching things on the rare occasion they do stuff up.   However, the increasing preva... Read More
06 April 2016
So iOS 9.3 is here, and there are a few key changes that we think are worth noting. Given that it’s not a major upgrade (up from iOS 9.2) it’s pleasing to see new features being introduced, not just refinements on old ones.   1. Night Shift Again, Apple has taken the hint from... Read More
05 April 2016
We’ve been blogging about this case with some regularity recently, as the implications for protection of private data, and the possibility of a precedent being set, were both pretty concerning issues.   However, in an almost unbelievable turn of events, on Monday the FBI lodged a two... Read More
31 March 2016
Your friendly local Gadgets Boutique blogger was, like many, keen to see what Apple had to offer during its March 21st event; and, like many, was pretty disappointed.   Whilst we know that the March events are always the “minor announcement” phase of Apple’s biannual cycl... Read More
26 March 2016

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