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Review: BookBook for iPad – Luscious Leather Luxury

Published: December 8th, 2013

Designed for iPad and iPad Air

No, it’s not a chicken, despite the name. The BookBook for iPad by Twelve South is actually a great little case for your iPad that takes style to a whole new level.


The first thing you notice when taking the BookBook out of the packaging is the smell, not normally something that one would notice in a case. However, when you have a hand-made leather case in your lap, the beautiful leather smell is just luxurious. When it’s lined with suede to boot, it just gets even better.


The second thing you notice is the gorgeous worn leather book appearance of the case. It looks like something you might find squirreled away on the shelves of an antique bookstore. Aside from looking fantastic this also means that the more wear and tear imposed on the case the more beautiful it appears.


The BookBook is superbly made and fits the iPad like a glove. The leather sleeve secures your device perfectly and has snap buttons on the back to fasten the hinged sleeve to the case. This, combined with the kickstand on the back of the sleeve, allows easy manipulation of the screen angle for typing and viewing. I must note that typing in particular is positioned perfectly in terms of ergonomics, one of the best I’ve seen.


The suede leather lining protects your iPad from scratches and the double layer created by the sleeve and exterior offer good drop protection as well. The design of the sleeve combined with the snap buttons also means that you can take photos without having to remove your iPad from the case.


In addition, the dual zips mean that you can access the charging port without having to fully open the case so your iPad is still protected even whilst charging. Openings for access to all the buttons and the speaker are present as well.


One thing to note is that if you’re used to a “typical” folio style case this will take a little adjustment as the front cover doesn’t fold behind the back cover – it’s quite literally like a book. It also lacks a magnet in the cover flap to activate the automatic lock function so you really do need to pay attention and ensure you manually lock the screen before closing (or it’s bye bye battery).


This beautiful case is perfect for folks who like a luxury look and feel without needing protection against water and those that enjoy the sensation of using a paper notebook as opposed to a tablet device. Great job Twelve South, this is a gorgeous case.

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