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Premium Ozaki iPhone 4S iCoat Range

March 8, 2012

Premium Ozaki iPhone 4S iCoat Range

Ozaki best known for their quality and design, the latest range of iPhone 4S cases are no exception.


There are three core range from this latest outfit, including


Backbone - Single piece wooden design with a kickstand. 

Extinction - Faux Leather, featuring all of your favourite animals (Lol!) 

Success - Premium hard PVC case with the extra bling

Dynasty - Again a premium hardshell PVC case that simply look fabs


It's a pity the product photos don't do justice for Ozaki products, they spend a hell of a time designing the packaging and the craftsmanship are second to none. 


Unfortunately when you use stock photos, it simply doesn’t do it justice and you have to the real thing to appreciate the product.


For us, we're an online store - so I suggest you all checkout an Ozaki stockist in stores and buy from us online.


We have the entire range on sale with minimum 30-40% off - Best of all it's free shipping


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