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Adonit Jot Pro Review - Precision in Style!

February 16, 2013

Adonit Jot Pro Review - Precision in Style!


Adonit Jot Pro – Precision in Style!

Star Rating: 9.5/10


Brilliant. That’s it. Simply brilliant. Adonit have truly outdone themselves with the latest version of the Jot Pro and I have to say I am seriously, seriously impressed.


I’ve been using the older version of the Jot Pro for well over a year now. It’s been a saving grace for me at university where I use it to take notes on PDF version of my lecture slides. I also use it for taking minutes in meetings for my work. It’s so much easier than lugging a portable keyboard around and I can make visual/drawing type notes too. No need for notebooks, printed and bound lecture slides, highlighters, pencils, erasers etc.


Now during this time, as you can probably tell, I’ve developed quite a passionate love affair with my Jot Pro. It really was a fantastic stylus as it was, but the new version is truly something else. Where to start in extolling its virtues? Let’s kick off with build.


The Adonit Jot Pro has a metal body (aluminium and steel) with a rubber grip to prevent slip and feels just like holding a really good quality pen. The body has a magnet built into it which allows you to just pop it onto your iPad where it “clips” itself on via the magnet so you don’t lose it. This also works through Apple’s Smart Cover FYI and it does take a solid nudge or swipe to dislodge it. When you remove the cap it screws straight onto the end of the stylus for safe storage whilst in use so you would really have to try very hard to lose it. It took me a little while to work out what the difference was between the old version and the new version in terms of the body of the stylus however. It just felt somehow… better. More pen-like. I finally registered that it’s lighter than the old version and this just somehow makes it feel better in the hand. Don’t ask me why, it just does lol. It’s available in 4 choices of colour too – blue, red, silver and gunmetal grey.


Now for the business end of this little guy – the revamped precision disc and new dampening tip. The precision disc clips onto the end of the stylus via ball joint, allowing it a broad range of movement, and creates the precision component of this stylus as well as helping it slide across the iPad screen. This also means you can hold it like a normal pen whatever the angle you normally write with. One of my very few bug bears with the old disc was that its design sometimes made it hard to see where you were writing/drawing but the new disc addresses this via decreased diameter and removal of the little metal cross-piece that used to be inside the old precision disc. It’s now more accurate, easier to use and moves across the screen better. It’s also worth noting that the discs are replaceable when they eventually wear out.


The coolest new feature though has got to be the new dampening tip. Essentially the tip now has a little spring mechanism built into it acting as a cushion of sorts. This new addition means that it feels much more like using a regular pen and paper and eliminates the irritating clicking noise it used to make against your screen in the old version. And believe me, when you’re squished in next to people like sardines in a can in a quiet lecture theatre you do notice the noise with the old one lol.


I’m not going to write a pros versus cons section in this review because I really don’t have anything negative to say about the Jot Pro other than it will get a full blown 10/10 the day the requirement of the precision disc is totally gone. It is a truly well thought out and implemented design and I’m impressed enough with the changes they’ve made in the new model that I’m actually planning to order one to replace my old version. And more happy news? The new version is actually cheaper than the old one!


In summary, the Adonit Jot Pro is the best stylus I’ve seen on the market yet and is appropriate for literally everyone – whether you’re a graphic designer, a PA, a truck driver or a business owner – this stylus has it all and is absolutely worth every penny. Go forth in precision folks!!

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