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* Manage the mobile, digital lifestyle from a single, multi-connection hub
* Retractable cords replace four, tangle-prone cables with a single unit
* An Ethernet or phone connection on one side links to the Internet or LAN
* FireWire or USB cord connects to a camera, camcorder, or other device
* Seven-foot cords retract at the push of a button for tangle-free travel


Connect to the mobile digital world The PocketLink 4-in-1 cable makes it easy to manage connections to the digital lifestyle--even on the road. With twin retractable cords and four connectors, the PocketLink Quad replaces multiple, tangle-prone cords with a single, self-contained unit. One side of the PocketLink supports an Ethernet or phone cord for connecting to the Internet. The other side supports a USB or FireWire connection to a digital still or video camera, hard drive, or other device. Then, with the press of a button, the cords retract for tangle-free travel.

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