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Twelve South - Compass

Twelve South - Compass

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Twelve South - Compass
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Why use over the iPad 2 Smart Cover?

FaceTime in Portrait Mode. Compass holds iPad in Landscape and Portrait mode. Using FaceTime in the Portrait position puts the camera front and center, while Landscape leaves your iPad camera low and to one side. With Compass, watch movies in widescreen with iPad in Landscape mode, and enjoy FaceTime eye-to-eye in Portrait mode. Compass delivers both.

Rest Compass on the hard rough ground, and iPad 2 on Compass. You will not want to put your iPad down. But when you do, you certainly won’t want to put it where it can be scratched! Instead, float your precious iPad on the soft silicone pads of Compass and let Compass support iPad floating several millimeters above that dangerous non-desk surface. Voila! Perfect support in any environment.
It’s all in the angle. The Apple iPad Smart Cover holds iPad at a 72-degree angle. Compass holds iPad at a lower 57-degree angle. This lower angle tends to be better in many mobile situations, including airplane tray tables. The more directly the screen faces you, the better it looks in regard to color, glare, sharpness, etc.


Compass stands and delivers Compass is a stylish compact folding stand that lets you use your iPad in two different modes. First, as an easel, Compass displays iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. Second, flip open the secondary leg and Compass now holds your iPad at the perfect angle to let your fingers fly across iPad’s onscreen keyboard. Forged from heavy gauge steel, this slim, travel friendly stand lets you enjoy both hands-free and hands-on use of your iPad anywhere your iPad goes. iPhoto slideshows to Keynote presentations, Compass lets you see and do more with iPad. Compass folds up to the size of candy bar, requiring very little space in your backpack, computer bag or purse. Store it in it soft travel sleeve, which matches the Apple iPad case, and you’re ready to go. It’s an easel and an instant theater Perhaps the biggest strength of this gorgeous sliver of steel is its versatility. Used upright as an easel, Compass lets you view and interact with iPad in both portrait and landscape modes, even if you keep your iPad protected in the Apple case. Use portrait mode for things like iPhoto slideshows, browsing the iBookstore or flipping through an online news article. Turn your iPad on its side, in landscape position, and Compass becomes the ultimate portable theater. Enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and feature-length movies anywhere you go, while keeping your hands free for popcorn and beverages. Point Compass to work mode Compass is an iPad stand designed for those who want to work on their iPad. Designed with a fold-away secondary leg, Compass instantly goes from an easel to a pint-size work station, angled perfectly for typing on iPad’s onscreen keyboard. Compass makes typing on iPad super comfortable so you can put in long stretches in Keynote, Pages or Numbers without the neck-ache that comes from working with iPad on your lap. Compass is a small, totally mobile tool that can be used on planes, airports, hotels, coffee shops, cafes and even in boardrooms. When folded flat, this tiny, yet sturdy, iPad stand takes up minimal space inside your briefcase, backpack or computer bag. In short, Compass gets the job done. It runs circles around other stands Compass is beautifully designed and folds to a compact size making it totally mobile so you can easily take your iPad show on the road. It’s versatility makes it perfect for business or pleasure. Compass is a handy stand for charging iPad. If you plan on using a fun new app like Air Display, which turns iPad into a mobile second monitor, Compass is the perfect stand to have parked next to your MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac. It’s the must-have, go anywhere stand that helps you see and do a whole lot more with your iPad. Multitask tool that sets up in seconds This one-of-a-kind mobile iPad accessory is super easy to set up. Slide the sleek Compass out of its case, simply fold out all three legs and fold down the two iPad supports and you’re done. To switch to typing mode, all you have to do is fold down the secondary leg on the back of the stand. Then position Compass so the secondary leg rests on your work surface and you’re set to start typing your latest Facebook update or editing a spreadsheet in Numbers. Compass is an easy-to-use, multifunctional stand that lets you give your lap a rest while watching or working on your iPad. undefined

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